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The District Media Center at Twin Falls High School owns a large collection of letter dies created by the Ellison Die company. Request die punch outs from Lisa Lowry at or call the Twin Falls High School at 733-6551 ext. 3009.
Paper may be sent or brought in to the Media Center to use the Ellison dies. Construction Paper 12" x 18" may be purchased for $ .10 a sheet. The dies can punch up to the thickness of balsa wood or any material that can be cut with scissors.
For school district staff and students, there is no charge for using the dies or asking Media Center staff to punch out dies. This service is available to the community, but there will be a small charge if you ask Media Center Staff to punch the dies for you.
Donations to purchase additional dies and suggestions for dies to purchase are welcomed.
To view the TFHS Die Library on the Ellison Die website,                        


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